Visualizing Human Neuroimaging Data

Exploring transient networks in the brain using novel neuroimaging techniques

Project Goals

1: What is the data quality at the subject level?

2: Can we detect transient networks in resting state data?

"Resting state" refers ro MRI scans where the participant is asked to lie still and awake, and think of nothing in particular.

3: Which data-collection method is best? See "Data" for more information on the data collection methods

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Multiband EPI is a new method used to collect whole brain volumes in a significantly shorter time frame, and/or finer spatial detail.

Here, we collected one high-temporal resolution (1 second, voxel size 2.23mm) and one high-spatial resolution (2 seconds,voxel size 1.53mm) dataset from each participant.

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Analysis and Visualizations

Several types of analysis was performed on this data, including network analysis focussing on the default mode, executive control, and salience networks; cluster analysis, and temporal ordering

Visualization approaches include network graphs, matrices/heat maps, and time courses (line graphs).

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Analysis and Visualizations

Individual data

Group data

Cluster Analysis: