Como construir transparência editorial em equipes de jornalismo de dados

Jennifer A. Stark, Ph.D.

Why Make our work transparent??

• • •
  • Encourage better documentation and code commenting (good for future you and colleagues)
  • Build trust with readers, be accountable
  • Educational
  • Catalyse new projects
  • Standardise transparency structure

  • Easy to pick up an unfamilar project
    • Us starting a new project
    • Us reading a colleagues' project (eg code review)
    • Our readers exploring our work
  • Less cognitive load for everyone if the format/layout is predictable
  • Today: Guide you through a process

  • Install Git (optional, help)
  • Install GitHub Desktop (help)
  • Create GitHub account online (help)
  • Structure your #DDJ project and put online!
  • Thank you!


    Transparency workshop repository

    NEW: Automatic template maker! (cookiecutter)